Our soaps are handmade in the USA. They do not contain any sulfates, parabens, preservatives or petroleum products.

Most all commercially produced liquid and bar soaps have harmful chemicals such as parabens, sulfates and aluminum compounds, that are absorbed by your skin. 60% of the substances you put on your skin are eventually absorbed into your system, and liquid soaps typically contain more harmful chemicals than bar soaps. This chemicals such as parabens have been linked directly to breast tumors. Not to mention the effects that these chemicals have on our environment when they are washed down our drains. Everyone wants to avoid harsh chemicals for themselves and their family – and the simple change to bar soap can do it.

A 2004 study detected parabens in samples of cancerous breast tissue. Parabens are also known to mimic estrogen in the body, making them a possible hormone disruptor. Parabens are readily absorbed through the skin. Aluminum has also been linked to many health problems from cancer to degenerative disease in the brain which is believed the be a cause of Alzheimer’s.

Other than eating, your body primarily acquires nutrients trans-dermally. Skin is your largest organ – 22 sq. ft on average, and 60% of the substances you put on it are eventually absorbed into the bloodstream. This semi-permeable membrane allows us to absorb vitamins and minerals, but unfortunately, it absorbs harmful chemicals, too.

An old-fashioned bar of soap should be your go-to in the shower or the bathroom sink. Antibacterial soaps and body washes generally contain endocrine-disrupting chemicals which disrupt hormone levels (including testosterone) and boost your risk of diabetes, weight gain and cancer. Besides, ‘there’s zero proof synthetics clean any better than regular soap.

Each of our bar soaps is handmade the old fashioned way using all natural products.



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